UCL Day Nursery


COVID19 update

Here you can find all our information related to the current COVID situation.

We are excited to be slowly welcoming back our UCL families this term.

Be reassured that we are ready to reopen all the nursery buildings, including our fantastic new 2-3 year old room and Forest School garden at the back of the baby unit. Our fantastic team have been busy preparing all the activities, sites, catering areas and play areas to ensure the children get the best possible start back.

The Nursery leadership team have worked tirelessly to put a plan in place that mitigates risk, whilst continuing to provide an excellent teaching and nurturing environment to the children who attend UCL Day Nursery. The planned, extensive refurbishment has gone ahead and provided further opportunity for us to optimise our space and facilities in line with UCL’s safety guidelines

Mitigating Measures to keep us all safe

We have very detailed risk assessments and COVID Policy, which includes how we will be managing the Nursery during this challenging time. This includes

  • Reduced child numbers/named ‘bubble’ groups of children who play together but don’t mix with other children
  • Separate allocated outside space for each room / distanced ‘bubble’ group
  • Strict handwashing regularly to maintain hygiene and teaching the children the importance of this
  • Additional toy cleaning measures and twice daily ‘fogging’ of all rooms – this is a deep-cleaning system to disinfect the space
  • Designated key staff assigned to bubble groups who also don’t mix
  • Strict reporting of any COVID19 symptoms amongst staff or our families
  • Strictly adhering to all Public health authority and DfE directives
  • Planned drop off and pick up routes and times to facilitate social distancing where possible – please wear face coverings as appropriate
  • Using UCL’s ‘Keeping safe on Campus’ measures as they apply to the rest of the university

> Download risk assessment policy (doc)
> Download COVID operating procedure (doc)

> Keeping safe on Campus

Operating hours and subsequent fee reduction.

The operating hours have been reduced to 8.30 am to 4 pm to enable both families and staff to avoid travelling during peak times as well as to undertake extra cleaning duties in line with our COVID policy.

Fees will now to be reduced by 17% to reflect this reduction in hours.

> Download new COVID fees

How you can help

Please ensure you take the time to read the risk assessment and COVID Policy as they will answer any questions and queries you may have. If you have any difficulty accessing the documents we can assist by reply.

As a reminder, our COVID policy is that we cannot accept children at nursery with a temperature, or if they have had any Paracetamol or Ibuprofen administered in the past 6 hours as this could mask COVID symptoms and temperature readings.

Please follow UCL’s Keeping Safe on Campus guidelines when dropping off and collecting your children  

If you have any further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact the Nursery Leadership team on nursery@ucl.ac.uk