The World Is an Island

10th Feb 2023
19:00  - 20:30
Doors 18:30

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Part performance, part exhibit, part exploratory poetry workshop, The World Is an Island is a transformative​​ 90-minute adventure into science fact and poetry power.

No island is an island… 
No artist, 
No scientist, 
No planet is an island…

Join Catalina Spataru, Professor of Global Energy and Resources at UCL and the internationally award winning Hot Poets, Chris Redmond and Liv Torc, as they creatively explore the challenges and potential of Island nations, some of the most at-risk communities on the planet.  

‘The World is an Island’ will present a series of new spoken word commissions written by Chris Redmond, Liv Torc and Catalina Spataru, poetically exploring islands as laboratory, climate change adaptation, resilience, and survival - focusing on the importance of a systemic approach to water, energy, food, materials and land.

The show will combine 3D modelling, participation and spoken word, along with contributions from scientists and children from Thomas Tallis school.

Participants will be invited to contribute their own words and ideas, inspired by the incredible collections of the Grant Museum, which features some of the most fascinating science secrets of our world.

The collaborators
Hot Poets is an award-winning project with a big vision, to powerfully communicate climate change science and action through spoken word poetry. Hot Poets has worked with high level partners including the Met Office, London School of Economics and the RSPB and are currently in dynamic collaboration with the UNFCCC’s Resilience Frontiers, a radical arm of the UN’s climate change mission, focused on manifesting a better possible future for the planet. This work has taken Liv and Chris to COP26, COP27 and to a brainstorming session for global thought leaders in Botswana. Hot Poets is also the winner of the Community Award at UNESCO’s Earth Futures Festival 2022. www.hotpoets.org

The Islands and Coastal Research Lab (ICR) is a unique initiative that aims to assess complex systems, deliver cutting edge interdisciplinary research, and provide sustainable solutions for islands nations and coastal areas under different climatic conditions. The ICR Lab has been established by Professor Catalina Spataru, providing scientific research through development of mixed methods, mathematical models and stakeholders’ engagement processes in the field of global resource use (energy, water, materials, land, food) and at the intersection of blue-green economy to inform decision-making within governmental and non-governmental institutions across the globe. www.islandscoastallab.com

This event is part of Performing Planet Activism, a series of interactions, performances and dialogues at UCL that bring together artists, activists, researchers and communities engaged in climate activism.

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