The Secret Life of Ponds Performance: Poetry, Music and Freshwater Science

2nd Feb 2023
19:00  - 20:30
Suitable for ages 13+

Illustration of a pond overlaid with a logo reading 'Performing Planet Activism'

Join us for an evening of poetry, music and freshwater science in an exploration of the declining UK farmland pond and their extraordinary biodiversity.

Over the past five months, six artists have been collaborating with UCL researchers to find unique connections to the importance of ponds within the context of climate change and nature recovery. Expect to be transported to an underwater world that you may have never considered before.

Through this novel intertwining of the arts and science we hope to present an unforgettable awareness-raising experience interlinking us above and those below the waterline, through the Secret Life of Ponds. Artists include poets Chris Redmond, Madi Maxwell-Libby and Amina Atiq and musicians Alice Boyd, Tom Fisher and Dot.i.

This event is produced by Norfolk Ponds Project in partnership with UCL Culture, Hot Poets and The Nature Recovery Network.

Please note that filming will be taking place at this event.

This event is part of Performing Planet Activism, a series of interactions, performances and dialogues at UCL that bring together artists, activists, researchers and communities engaged in climate activism.

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