Performance Lab

29th Apr 2019  -  20th Jun 2019
Eleven experiments in science and the arts
Bloomsbury Theatre and the Grant Museum of Zoology

Female performer with arms outstretched under a blue light
Experience cutting-edge research from one of the world’s leading universities, brought to life onstage by artists, dancers, opera singers and stand-up comedians. 

UCL Culture presents the launch of Performance Lab, where artists, researchers and students explore how live performance can animate research – and how research can inspire art. 

Tickets from free - £10. Click the links below to find out more and book.

At the Bloomsbury Theatre: 

Experimenting with Art & Research
29 April 
A free symposium on how performance can animate research – and how research can inspire art

The Science of Laughter
2 May
With neuroscientist Professor Sophie Scott plus comedians Tim Key, Maawan Rizwan and Stuart Goldsmith

The Tsar Wants His Photograph Taken
4 May
Researchers from UCL Hebrew and Jewish Studies shed new light on this comic opera set in 1914

7 May
The world’s only improvising opera company reveals the untold stories of objects from UCL museums 

Lecture on Performance
10 May
Professor of Philosophy Dr Tom Stern and theatre director Gregory Thompson untangle tragedy and catharsis 

Deconstructing the Dream
15 + 16 May
A Shakespeare performance like no other, with new technology that shows what’s happening in the actors’ brains

Acoustic Cities: London and Beirut
15 May
Artists and scholars from Lebanon and the UK present a free evening of soundscapes inspired by the city 

Cities Imaginaries
17 May
A chance to discuss the relationship between music and the city followed by a live performance 

Man & God
18 May
An original musical about the birth of colour photography taking in Gershwin, Einstein and Hitler

Every Body is an Archive
20 June
Artist Liz Orton explores medical imaging technologies to see the body as a new kind of archive

At the Grant Museum of Zoology: 

6 + 7 June
A wild encounter with internationally threatened animals, devised by artist Tom Bailey with UCL researchers


Image: Locus developed by Amanda Simo Rodriguez and Anthos Venizelos with dancer Saloni Saraf. Bloomsbury Theatre 2019 © Belinda Lawley

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