Hidden Rivers of London

7th Feb 2023
19:00  - 20:30
Doors 18:30
Suitable for ages 7+

A view taken from below of a ring of hands reaching forward in a circle, with the tree canopy and the sun visible above them. The 'Performing Planet Activism' logo is in the top left corner.


In this three-act performance by Global Generation Fellows of Story Garden, a thriving community garden behind the British Library, performers will share personal water-based memories, reveal the heritage of the river Fleet, and explore its mythology.

Researching the scientific, historical, cultural, and personal impact of water, Fellows will bring to the event their explorations so far and celebrate the strength of water in connecting ecological communities and bringing to the surface forgotten voices.

The performance is followed by a creative writing workshop that encourages you to think about your own relationship to water.

What hidden voices does Nature carry?
What happens if we slow down or sit still more often?
Do we have hidden rivers inside ourselves that are waiting to be heard?

Refreshments will be provided.

About Global Generation Fellows

Through storytelling, art, gardening, research, music, carpentry and nature-orientated activities, Global Generation Fellows are on a journey of exploration of water stories: its appearance across world cultures, and its significance in the current reality of local and global warming.

Hidden Rivers of London was made possible by The National Lottery Heritage Fund.

This event is part of Performing Planet Activism, a series of interactions, performances and dialogues at UCL that bring together artists, activists, researchers and communities engaged in climate activism.

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