Collage Club at the Petrie Museum

Petrie Museum of Egyptian and Sudanese Archaeology
12th Nov 2022
11:00  - 14:00

A collage of colourful images of pots and vases on black paper, with a pile of unused patterned paper to the right and paper offcuts to the left

Drop in, no booking required

Create your own mini museum display through collage! Take inspiration from pots, beads, dresses and even sandals from ancient Egyptian and Sudanese life.

Collage Club is a workshop series celebrating the art of cutting and sticking. Embracing hands-on techniques and using scissors as a drawing tool, Collage Club workshops are perfect for anyone keen to flex their creative muscles and get making without having to produce perfectly proportioned, boring drawings. Rip, cut and stick beautiful compositions using materials that include hand-painted papers, colourful sheets and shapes. 

This workshop is suitable for ages 6+ but young children will need adult help. We will have colouring sheets available for younger children.

There is step free access to the Petrie Museum via the lift in the UCL Science Library and the majority of the Museum is accessible.

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