Christian Art and Faith in the Ethiopian Empire

6th Sep 2022  -  1st Nov 2022
North Cloisters, Wilkins Building

A Saint on Horseback, Baharä Maryam, Ethiopia, 14th/15th century © Ethiopian Heritage Fund.

Christian Art and Faith in the Ethiopian Empire explores religious wall paintings and how they highlight the value, history and significance of the early artistic heritage of Ethiopia.
Wall paintings contained in Ethiopian religious buildings are an important resource in the study of how Christian Ethiopians visualized and conceived sacred spaces, as well as how they addressed and engaged with local and non-local communities through art and other media.
This display was co-curated by conservators working for the Ethiopian Heritage Fund, UK-based scholars from Ethiopia and Eritrea, and members of the ITIESE project (UCL History of Art Department and Hamburg University). It underscores the fact that this remarkable heritage is currently endangered and in urgent need of protective measures to enable its longevity for future generations.

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