Object-Based Learning Laboratory

Object-Based Learning Laboratory, Wilkins Building, UCL

UCL academic Dr Helen Chatterjee and her colleagues Dr Rosalind Duhs, Dr Leonie Hannan and Dr Thomas Kador have developed a programme of research aiming to uncover ways to utilise the collections to make object-based learning a key part of what UCL teaching can offer.

As a part of this programme, UCL has created a dedicated space that suits the needs of object-based learning. By January 2020, the Old Refectory in the Wilkins Building had been redeveloped into the UCL Object-Based Learning Laboratory (OBLL), a learning space designed and equipped to facilitate teaching and research based on hands-on engagement with UCL collections and archives. 

The space is designed to:
•    Provide an ideal space in which to conduct object-based learning activities
•    Be appropriately provisioned and equipped for this type of teaching
•    Provide housing, visible storage and access to UCL historical Science Collections
•    Increase the amount/variety of teaching sessions that use object-based learning

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