James Noyes

Research Associate
Department: UCL Culture
Venue: About us

I am a Research Associate at UCL Culture. My role is to assist the director in his vision for the department.


I work on the relationship between culture, politics and society. Following my PhD at the University of Cambridge, I taught for several years at the Paris Institute of Political Studies (Sciences Po) and am now an associate of UCL Culture and a fellow of the London think tank ResPublica. I am the author of a book on the destruction of cultural heritage, entitled “The Politics of Iconoclasm”.


I am interested in the relationship between culture, politics and society - particularly in the ways that culture influences social organisation in cities. My book looked at how the destruction of cultural heritage has often been a feature in the formation of states, urban planning and political ideologies. 

Much of my work is involved with policy work on the links between culture, community and civic society. At UCL Culture, I am interested in the way that the cultural vision of UCL informs the expansion of UCL East.

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