Subhadra Das

Tel: Away on research leave
Department: UCL Culture - Science Collections
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Venue - UCL Pathology Museum


I am a historian, history of science communicator, comedian, writer and museum curator at UCL Culture, where I work with the UCL Pathology and Science Collections. I facilitate teaching and research with the UCL Pathology Collections in a museum space at the Royal Free Campus of the UCL Medical School and around the UCL Bloomsbury Campus in accordance with UCL's Human Tissue Display Licence. 

I have two MAs; one in Archaeology, the other in Museum Studies. I started working at UCL in 2005 as a museum trainee at the Petrie Museum and have since worked at UCL Art Museum and on the Collections Review - a project to work out what we have and how well we take care of and use it. I went on to co-curate Disposal? - a consultative exhibition which asked the audience about what we should keep and what we should get rid of. I have been in my current role since 2012. I set up the UCL Pathology Collections in a new museum space and brought the Galton Collection to a wider range of audiences beyond social and historical sciences. I am currently away on reasearch leave as a Headley Fellow, funded by Art Fund UK, working towards creating greater public and more critical approaches to the history of science at UCL. 


I regularly talk to diverse audiences in classes, seminars, lectures, public talks and stand-up comedy about all aspects of my work from collections management to working with human remains. My main area of research is the history of science and medicine in the 19th and 20th Centuries, specifically the history of scientific rascism. I use museum objects to tell decolonial stories in engaging and affirming ways. 

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