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All schools in London are welcome to bring groups to the Grant Museum of Zoology, the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology, and UCL Art Museum. Please contact our visitor services team to enquire museums@ucl.ac.uk

Year 8 Summer school

Downloadable Resources

We have developed a range of lesson plans and activities for use in the classroom. These activities either relate to digital versions of objects in our collections, or are related to the subjects we teach. 

Science for Secondary Schools

How can and should genetic information be used?
(KS 4 Science)

In this lesson students are placed in situations requiring an informed ethical discussion concerning how genetic information is used, GMO's or genetic diseases. As a small group they will discuss whether they agree or disagree with the character’s viewpoint and why, before deciding where on a scale the group’s position falls.
By the end of this lesson, students will be able to:
Apply specific knowledge of genetics and disease to debate ethical implications of new technologies.
Use scientific knowledge to take part in informed discussions as part of a group.

History for Secondary Schools

The French Revolution
(KS 3 History)

The UCL Art Museum has developed three lessons using images from their collections – two exploring the death of Paul Marat, and one investigating the Three Estates. There are separate resources for teachers and their students. Alternatively teachers can use other images from the Collections in their own lessons. 

Marat – Corday lessons:

Three Estates lesson:


Citizenship in Secondary Schools

Critical thinking and debates about museum collections
(KS 3 and 4)

In this lesson students are placed in hypothetical situations requiring an informed ethical choice concerning where objects in museums come from and how they should be treated. They will consider national and global, cultural and scientific issues of current importance, and present and justify their thoughts to their group.
By the end of the lesson, students will be able to:
 - Express and explain their own opinions to others through discussions and voting.
 - Communicate an argument, taking account of different viewpoints and drawing on what they have learnt through research, action and debate.
 - Justify their argument, giving reasons to try to persuade others to think again, change or support them.
 - Engage with and reflect on different ideas, opinions, beliefs and values when exploring topical and controversial issues and problems.

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Please see the schools engagement section of the UCL East website www.ucl.ac.uk/ucl-east/engaging-schools-and-young-people 

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Year 12 Summer school

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