UCL Public Art Policy

Open, Inspire, Mobilise and Amplify


Public art at UCL provokes debate and stimulates interdisciplinary relationships within the teaching, research and student communities. It stimulates critical debate and contributes to the wider understanding of the work of UCL, its place in London and the global challenges that UCL's research addresses.

Public art at UCL is an expression of its culture, the research & academic landscape and the physical environment. It contributes to UCL’s core mission of transforming how the world is understood and adds value to the experiences of everyone who uses or visits our campuses.

Public art programmes help us to communicate our identity and relationship to the world, to London and its communities. public art speaks directly to the character of a place and both defines it and is identified as part of it.

The best public art should disrupt, challenge and provoke responses and ideas, it should not fade into the background but impact the viewer remaining in the mind. We are committed to delivering work that reflects these ideals, that animates the campus, which is world class, impactful and memorable.

UCL Culture will plan, manage and enable the delivery of public art to a world-leading standard, that represents best practice of engagement with artists, those responsible for shaping the built environment, communities, and at its core will be relationships with academic, staff, students and the university’s local, regional, national and global partner stakeholders.

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