Vincula (2012)
Annual UCL Art Museum/Slade Collaboration
Exhibition and events
8 May- 8 June 2012

 Twelve artists trace connections through UCL's art collections. 

For the fourth annual Slade collaboration, 12 Slade artists were invited to the UCL Art Museum, where they delved deep into cupboards to discover a number of hidden treasures: a rare portrait print by William Blake of the physiognomist Johann Caspar Lavater, an early chalk drawing of a lion, a hand-coloured Japanese woodblock print of a flying bat. 

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In the form of painting, drawing, video and sound art, the Slade students responded to the exhibition title of Vincula, the plural of ‘vinculum’ – ‘a horizontal line over a group of terms to show that they have a common relation’ (Oxford Dictionary). Recurring themes and motifs included portraiture, the limitations of language and the uncanny. 
Many of the featured artists have gone on to forge prolific artistic careers, exhibiting internationally and publishing research, with some like Ian Giles returning to collaborate with us for the exhibition RE-LAUNCH in 2015. Yvonne Feng was receipient of the William Coldstream Prize in 2017.

The exhibition featured: Katie AggettAlan ChanPhilippa Connolly, Robert Crosse, Yvonne FengIan GilesEstelle Holland, Laura KuchJames NgNinna Bohn PedersenKristan Saloky and Freddy Tuppen.

For more information about the UCL Art Museum/Slade Collaboration series, see here.

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