Provost’s Public Engagement Awards 2018
Celebrating excellence in public engagement

The UCL Provost's Public Engagement Awards celebrated staff and students on 6 June 2018, as part of the UCL Public Engagement Unit’s 10th anniversary year. 

This annual awards ceremony recognises the fantastic work of UCL staff, students, and their community partners, to open up the university’s research and teaching to the wider world. 

Read more about the nominees below and download a PDF list here.

Student (postgraduate research student)

Winner: Nicola Antaki, Barlett School of Architecture
Nominated by Yeoryia Monolopoulou, Barlett School of Architecture.
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Erika Aquino, Institute of Ophthalmology – nominated by Astrid Limb, Institute of Ophthalmology

Frances Harkness, MRC Unit for Lifelong Health and Ageing – nominated by Aradhna Kaushal, Institute of Epidemiology & Health

Sara Joiko Mujica, Education, Practice and Society – nominated by Sara Munoz, IRMO

Maxine Mackintosh, Institute of Health Informatics – nominated by Natalie Fitzpatrick, Institute of Health Informatics

Vasileios Mavroudis, Computer Science – nominated by Jamie Hayes, Computer Science

Rob Shortman, Institute of Nuclear Medicine – nominated Francesco Fraioli, Div of Medicine

Saffron Woodcraft, Anthropology – nominated by Annelise Andersen, Institute for Global Prosperity 

Professional services staff 

Winner: Annabelle South, MRC Clinical Trials Unit
Nominated by Max Parmar, Diana Gibb and Sarah Pett, MRC Clinical Trials Unit.
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Charlotte Pike, Earth Sciences – nominated by Stuart Grieve, Research IT Services

Anouchka Sterling, Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience – nominated by Neil Burgess, Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience

Early career academic / research

Winner: Andrea Rigon, Developmental Planning Unit - nominated by Julio Davilá, The Bartlett Development Planning UnitSara Adhitya, CEGE
Nominated by Nick Tyler, CEGE. 
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Ellie Cosgrave, Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy (STEaPP) – nominated by David Hornsby, STEaPP

Briony Hudson, Pathway and Marie Curie Palliative Care Research Department, Division of Psychiatry, UCL – nominated by Paddy Stone, Pathway and Marie Curie Palliative Care Research Department, Division of Psychiatry, UCL

Barbara Lipietz, The Bartlett Development Planning Unit – nominated by Julio Davilá, The Bartlett Development Planning Unit

Helen O'Neill, Institute for Women’s Health – nominated by Simon Waddington, Institute for Women’s Health

Annie Ring, SELCS – nominated by Geraldine Horan, SELCS

Joseph Solloni, Ear Institute – nominated by Jonathan Gale, Ear Institute

Shema Tariq, Institute for Global Health – nominated by Soazig Clifton, Institute for Global Health

Lucy Thorne, Division of Infection & Immunity – nominated by Greg Towers, Division of Infection & Immunity

Victoria Tovell, Institute of Ophthalmology – nominated by Erika Aquino and Julie Daniels, Institute of Ophthalmology

Susannah Walker, History of Art – nominated by Alison Wright, History of Art

Kimberley Whitehead, Neuroscience, Physiology, and Pharmacology – nominated by Lorenzo Fabrizi Neuroscience, Physiology, and Pharmacology

Matthew Winning, UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources – nominated by Victor Nechifor-Vostinaru, Bartlett School Environment, Energy & Resources and Andrew Jackson

Established career academic / research

Winner: Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh, Geography
Nominated by Andrew Barry, Geography.  
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Nadia Bukhari, UCL School of Pharmacy – nominated by Cate Whittlesea, UCL School of Pharmacy

Helen Czerski, Mechanical Engineering – nominated by Yiannis Ventikos, Mechanical Engineering

Christian Dustmann, Economics – nominated by Antonio Cabrales, Economics

Andrew Flinn, Information Studies – nominated by Elizabeth Shepherd

Amali Lokugamage, UCL Medical School – nominated by Faye Gishen, UCL Medical School

Mark Maslin, Geography – nominated by Andrew Barry, Geography

Dina Mehmedbegovic, Culture, Communication and Media – nominated by Thomas Bak, University of Edinburgh

Rickie Patani, Institute of Neurology – nominated by Mike Hanna and Linda Greensmith, Institute of Neurology

Raman Prinja, Physics and Astronomy – nominated by Mark Malcomson, City Lit

Oksana Pyzik, School of Pharmacy – nominated by Duncan Craig, School of Pharmacy

Cassandra Terry, Institute of Prion Diseases – nominated by Therese Johns and John Collinge, Institute of Prion Diseases

​​​​​​Community award

Winner: Athena Lamnisos and Angus MacLennan, The Eve Appeal
Nominated by Martin Widschwendter, UCL Institute for Women's Health. 
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Sara Munoz, IRMO – nominated by Sara Joiko Mujica, IOE

Logan Van Lessen, Whittington Health NHS Trust, Maternity Unit – nominated by Amali Lokugamage, UCL Medical School

Trine Garret and Camila Franca, [Foreign Affairs]: East London’s International Theatre Company – nominated by Claire Thomson, UCL SELCS

Louise Gates, The Calthorpe Project – nominated by Rodney Reynolds, UCL Institute for Global Health

Team award 

Winner: Laura Crane, Fern Adams, Georgia Harper, Jack Welch and Liz Pellicano, UCL Centre for Research in Autism and Education and Ambitious about Autism
Nominated by Anna Remington, Centre for Research in Autism and Education. 
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Place Alliance: Matthew Carmona, Valentina Giordano, Wendy Clarke and Peter Karpinski, Bartlett School of Planning – nominated by Nick Gallant, Bartlett School of Planning

Joanna Morrison, Delan Devakumar, Dinesh Deokota, Sunita Thapa and Sophiya Dulal, Institute for Global Health and Media for Development, Nepal – nominated by David Osrin, Institute for Global Health

Pint of Science: Silvia Dragoni, Cheryl Teoh, and 65 person team from across UCL – nominated by Praveen Paul, Pint of Science

Rheumatology Antiphospholipid Syndrome (APS) Research Team: Thomas McDonnell,  Dr Chris Wincup, Dr Charles Raine, Dr Ian Giles, Professor Anisur Rahman and Dr Vera Ripoll-Nunez – nominated by Kate Hindle, APS Support UK

UCL BiLingo team: Froso Argyri, Li Wei, Merle Mahon, Kea Young, Centre for Applied Linguistics and Language and Cognition – nominated by Ivona Klemensova, teacher and Diana Hawk, Students Union UCL

Know it Wall: Miguel Dos Santos, Amanda Alfaro Cordoba, Jeremie Coullon and Cristina Pickens, Philosophy, CEGE, SELCS and Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences – nominated by Zoltán Biedermann, SELCS, Janina Dewitz, Digital Education Team, Luke Fenton-Glynn, Philosophy, Eva Krumhuber, Experimental Psychology, Gabriele Lignani, Institute of Neurology, Philip Pogge von Strandmann, Earth Sciences, Alexander Samson, SELCS, Adam Smith, History

Mental Health Question Time Team: Sonia Johnson, Farhana Mann, Francesca Solmi, Syeda Akhter, Psychiatry, in partnership with The Mental Elf (Mr Andre Tomlin) and The Lancet Psychiatry – nominated by Glyn Lewis, Psychiatry                              

ExCiteS (Extreme Citizen Science): led by Muki Haklay, Geography – nominated by Andrew Barry, Geography and Haidy Geismar, Anthropology

Chris Lovejoy and Heather Ging, Molecular Neuroscience – nominated by Praveen Paul, Molecular Neuroscience

Institutional Leadership award

ExCiteS (Extreme Citizen Science): led by Muki Haklay, Geography
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In 2018, you're invited to play a part in the future of public engagement at UCL. Join the conversation and tell us your thoughts by emailing publicengagement@ucl.ac.uk or connect on Twitter by tagging @UCLEngage and using the hashtag #PublicEngagementFutures

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