The Evaluation Exchange 
Connecting the know how to the how to

The Evaluation Exchange is a new opportunity for UCL postgraduate researchers to connect with voluntary sector organisations (VSOs) in east London to develop and apply their research skills. 

The Evaluation Exchange is a new initiative that connects UCL postgraduate researchers with VSOs by forming collaborative partnership with a VSO in East London to tackle an evaluation challenge (such as designing an evaluation plan, developing surveys, analysing existing data). These partnership are supported by the Public Engagement Unit (PEU) and Aston Mansfield throughout their entirety. After matching the skills and interests of the participants they are provided with training throughout the programme to help make the most out theexperience. Ad hoc support and advice is provided by the PEU and Aston Mansfield throughout the programme.

This programme is an opportunity for students to enhance their research and evaluation skills outside of a university setting - a real world application of knowledge that has the potential to make a difference to the workings of VSOs. Researchers help embed the use of successful evaluation approaches within the voluntary sector in east London, leading to a lasting change in practice and making a valued contribution to organisations. Connecting with individuals outside of the university has also established new networks. Student enhance their research and evaluation skills, tap into the workings of a VSO, and have the opportunity to enhance their experience outside of the typical university setting.  

This programme is currently taking place, and you can follow updates on how it's going on the Public Engagement Unit blog.

The Evaluation Exchange is brought to you by the UCL Public Engagement Unit and the charity Aston Mansfield, funded by UCL Innovation and Enterprise


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