Drawing life
A Share Academy project

The Grant Museum of Zoology has a long history as a teaching collection and has traditionally been used for comparative anatomy - dissecting the physical form in order to understand its mechanical functions. This project breaks with this tradition by using specimens as the starting point to explore the dynamic relationships of organisms in ecosystems. Animals are keenly adapted to specific ecological niches, and the processes by which they interact are as defining of their lives life as their mechanics. Science, however, often describes these processes through relatively obscure means, in diagrams, graphs, and equations. Drawing Life investigates how an expanded notion of drawing that links personal meaning to these abstract formulae can help us to better appreciate biological concepts.

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Project Leads

  • Joey O'Gorman Research Associate and Nathan Cohen Course Leader MA Art and Science, Department of Fine Art, Central Saint Martins. Email: w.ogorman@csm.arts.ac.uk
  • Jack Ashby, Museum Manager, Museums and Public Engagement, UCL Grant Museum of Zoolog
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