Collections review

The UCL Collections Review was a single, all-encompassing review of the care, use and significance of all the objects in the museums and the teaching and research collections had UCL. Conducted from 2007 to 2009, the project included:

  • the development, piloting and execution of an original method
  • gathering data in the context of this original framework
  • consolidating working relationships with colleagues across academic departments
  • writing Review Reports, which included the history and context of the collections, recommendations for their future management and action plans.

The Review revealed that there are 18 collections at UCL, containing a total of 380,000 objects across 190 storage, display and museum spaces. Recommendations from the Review Reports have been incorporated in the strategic plans for each collection and the whole process has allowed us to manage this diverse range of collections centrally and strategically, including the development of a thoughtful and informed disposal program.

  • Are you looking to review your collection? We have written a Toolkit about the UCL Collections Review. The Toolkit includes the background to the project, its main aims and objectives along with tools and exercises to help you develop you own review framework. Download a PDF of the Toolkit.
  • From September 2009 to April 2010, we ran a series of Reviewing Collections Workshops in conjunction with the Museums Association. Download the PowerPoint presentation featured in these workshops.

If you would like to know more about our project, or feel it would be useful to share information, please contact us:
Jayne Dunn, Head of Collections Management
Subhadra Das, Curator, Teaching & Research Collections

We are working on an article about the Review process and how it was developed to appear in a peer-reviewed museological journal. Watch this space for further developments.

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