Play our new virtual game: Incognito Society

9th November 2020
About us

Incognito Society

Calling all UCL students! Join the Incognito Society, one of the UCL’s oldest societies of curiosity and creativity. Take the sorting quiz and find out which of the four Halls you belong to: will you be a Tangerine Penguin, Indigo Wolf, Sapphire Seahorse or a Crimson Eagle?

Every week, up until the 9 December, we will be launching new challenges, including designing your own secret handshake.

Join us on Zoom for Incognito Society’s virtual Social on Wednesday 18 November at 4pm to compete in this year’s Play-Off of Curiosity, a friendly contest dating back to 1911.  

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This online game was developed by interactive theatre-makers Coney and UCL Culture.

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