Play our new virtual game: You see All

1st October 2020
About us

Welcome to You See All, a game and experience by UCL Culture that turns the real world on its head.

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You See All offers a parallel version of London, where the buildings and parks of Bloomsbury become epic forests, dungeons and temples. We’ve taken the personality of real-world locations and put them through a fantasy lens; museums become haunted ruins and a park becomes a poisonous jungle.

Over five weeks you can visit an interactive map and solve 18 puzzles connected to the different spaces. You can play the game either in teams or as an individual.

You See All was created in partnership with UCL Culture, escape room designer Sacha Coward and illustrator Sheldon Goodman. Their goal was to create a playful and safe way for students to explore the UCL Bloomsbury Campus.

Go to the You See All game website

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