The Engaged University: turning words into action

10th December 2020
UCL Engagement
The National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement and UCL Culture have recently partnered on a report into the state of play in strategic support for university public engagement, in the UK and beyond.

We are very pleased to be able to share “The Engaged University: turning words into action” report and accompanying resource pack.

Jointly commissioned in summer 2019 and subsequently co-authored with our friends at the National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement (NCCPE), the aim of the report was to explore, in conversation with colleagues in 30+ universities in the UK and internationally, the state of play in strategic support for public engagement. What this report offers is a snapshot in time. Significantly, this was the state of the art in university public engagement ‘pre-Covid’. Nevertheless, we think it is a snapshot which provides a very timely set of reference points for rethinking our future engagement practice post-COVID. 

It highlights the challenges and limitations in the current system and points to practices outside Higher Education which we should learn from. We hope it provides a useful platform to inform the step change in public engagement which is now required. It has certainly informed our development of the new UCL Public and Community Engagement Strategy 2020-2027 due to launch early in 2021.

The Resource Pack is intended for use alongside the report and has been put together to signpost the case studies and good practice that we could not include in the report. It is intended to help those within HEIs who are making the case for public engagement who may wish to tailor the report towards their own institutional context and drivers.

Download the resource pack. (PDF)

Download the full report. (PDF)

Read an associated article where Julia Unwin and Vivienne Parry ponder how universities will consolidate their civic role, despite the challenges society is facing.

Documents are PDF but if you need the documents in another format please email us to let us know.


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