Learning resources at the Galton

The Galton Collection is an excellent resource for university groups who wish to use objects for teaching practicals. The diverse subjects and historical firsts allow for object based learning in a wide range of subjects. To date, objects from the collection have featured in formal and informal teaching sessions in Crime Science, English and History departments at UCL. Visiting groups from other universities are also welcome to schedule introductory or bespoke sessions featuring objects from the collection.

Please contact the curator to discuss and organize teaching sessions using the collection.

Loan box

The Galton Collection has developed a Loan Box on the theme of Identity which supports the teaching of Citizenship at Key Stages 3 and 4. The Loan Box uses replica and facsimile objects to allow children a hands-on experience whilst learning about human rights, the criminal justice system, identity. The Loan Box also contains worksheets, information sheets, teachers' sheets, and activity suggestions. The Loan Box and the resources are designed not only to tie-in with the Citizenship Curriculum, but also with the Curricula for Science, History, English and Maths.

The Identity Loan Box contains:

  • Replica Head Spanner

  • Box of Hair Samples

  • Box of Artificial Eyes

  • Facsimiles of Galton's Composite Photographs

  • Fingerprint Kits

  • Modern police fingerprinting form

  • Fingerprint examiner & setsof fingerprints to examine

  • Second World War identity card

  • Modern French identity card

  • Measuring Tapes (modern)

  • Facsimile of Form from Sir Francis Galton's Anthropometric Laboratory

  • Photocard of Hand Dynamometer

Where possible, multiple copies of objects and facsimiles are provided.

Identity Resources

Borrowing the Identity Loan Box

Boxes can be borrowed for up to three weeks free of charge.

To find out more about other Loan Boxes visit the pages of the Research, Learning and Object Based Learning team at  UCL Culture or to make a booking, contact Celine West (celine.west@ucl.ac.uk), Head of Learning & Access.

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