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I want to go to UCL can you tell me how many O levels and A levels are needed?

Below we outline some helpful resources and links to find out what grades you need for courses at UCL, this may differ from subject to subject, so read closely and good luck!

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All undergraduate programmes require GCSE (or equivalent, like O level) passes in English Language and Mathematics at grade 5 or higher. Some programmes require higher grades than 5, or additional passes in specific subjects: these will always be outlined on individual degree prospectus pages. Besides these requirements, there is not a specific number of GCSEs required, or certain grades, however a higher number of GCSEs at good grades may make your application more competitive. 

We also require three A levels, and at least two of these must be from UCL’s preferred list of subjects (more information on this here https://www.ucl.ac.uk/prospective-students/undergraduate/how-apply/entry-requirements). Some degrees will specify particular subjects, and again you can see these on the prospectus pages. You are of course welcome to take more than three A level subjects, however this is not very common and it is recommended that you concentrate on getting excellent grades in three subjects rather than struggling a bit with four. Achieving, for example, three A grades will make your application more competitive than two A grades and two B grades.