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Can I get on a course that requires grade 5 in English language provide I achieve achieved an AAB?

"If a course stated that you had to have a grade 5/C in English language, would a grade 4 in GCSE English language but achieved a AAB (the grade that is needed for that course) be allowed to study?"

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Unfortunately you would need to have the GCSE requirements stated on the website to be considered for a place at UCL, even if you have achieved/are predicted to achieve the required A level grades. It is acceptable to retake the GCSE alongside your A levels, and you’d need to ensure you make it clear that you’re resitting on your UCAS application. However please note that resitting your GCSEs may make your application less competitive: if there’s a reason that you didn’t achieve as well as you’d expected the first time in your English GCSE, for example you had recently arrived in the UK, then do ensure your referee on your UCAS application mentions this.