Centre for Research on Evolution, Search and Testing (CREST)



CREST currently conducts a significant number of projects. See the pages listed below for more information
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Justyna Petke Fellowship: Automated Software Specialisation Using Genetic Improvement

Developing novel methods in the field of software engineering to transfer the challenging and time-consuming task of software specialisation from human to machine.

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Grow and Graft Genetic Programming (GGGP)

Grow and Graft Genetic Programming (GGGP) is a new vision of software development, where a new feature is grown and grafted into an existing system.

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Dynamic Adaptive Automated Software Engineering (DAASE)

DAASE seeks to use computational search as an overall approach to achieving the software's full potential for flexibility and adaptivity.

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Evolving Program Improvement Collaborators (EPIC)

EPIC aims to introduce a new way of developing software, as a collaboration between human and machine, exploiting the complementary strengths of each.

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LUCID: Clearer Software by Integrating Natural Language Analysis into Software Engineering

Helping developers write clearer code to speed up maintenance and increase developer productivity.