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Lecturecast Scheduler: Create and Edit an Individual Schedule

Lecturecast Scheduler: Create and Edit an Individual Schedule


This task describes the steps required to create and edit an individual schedule for a Lecturecast recording.

It involves:

  1. Searching for an individual event
  2. Creating a schedule for an event
  3. Editing the schedule details for an event

To create schedules for multiple events, refer to the Create Bulk Schedules training guide.

1. Search for an individual event

Events will be available in the Lecturecast Scheduler when a room booking has been made and confirmed in CMIS 
in a Lecturecast enabled teaching space.

Events that are part of an undergraduate or postgraduate program have an associated module code.

If a room booking in CMIS is for an event > 4 hours duration, the event record in the Lecturecast Scheduler will be highlighted 
in red and the status will be 'nonbookable'. For these events, amend the event in CMIS so that it is 240 mins or less. This may 
require breaking the single room booking into multiple bookings.

1.1 Select the search type

In this example, the default search type: Department/Module Code will be used.

1.2 Enter your search parameters

Enter a module code and then click the 'Search' button to view all events for that module code.

1.3 Search results are displayed in the 'Events' tab


Events up to 3 months in advance are displayed for the module code.

If you cannot find an event in the Lecturecast Scheduler corresponding to your CMIS room booking, check your 
CMIS booking has been made in a Lecturecast enabled teaching space.

If you can't find an event using a specific module code, try searching by other associated module codes.

1.4 Select the 'Unscheduled Events' tab

You can only create a schedule for events with STATUS: ‘UNSCHEDULED’.

Select the ‘Unscheduled Events’ tab to view all unscheduled events and access actions relevant to creating a schedule.

2. Create a schedule for an event

2.1 Select an event

Use the check box to select the event you wish to schedule.

2.2 Select the options for your recording

Use the check boxes to select/deselect the capture and auto available options as required.

 'Auto Available' relates to whether or not the recording is made available for students to view immediately.

2.3 Create the schedule

Click the 'Create Schedule' button. 

 Schedules that require live streaming must be completed by editing the schedule details. Please see step 3.3 below.

2.4 Acknowledge the confirmation

Click the 'OK' button.

2.5 Select the 'Scheduled Events' tab to view your scheduled events

Click the 'Scheduled Events' tab to view all scheduled events. Use the filters to easily find the event you just scheduled.

3. Edit the schedule details for an event

When a CMIS room booking corresponding to a scheduled Lecturecast event is cancelled or moved to a room without 
Lecturecast facilities, the corresponding Lecturecast schedule is also cancelled. A notification is sent to the event owner 
advising them of this.

If other changes are made to a CMIS room booking e.g. title, presenter, Lecturecast enabled room, these changes 
will be reflected in the corresponding Lecturecast event.

3.1 Select an individual event to edit

You can only edit one schedule at a time. The edit option becomes unavailable if you have more than one event selected.

3.2 Open the Edit Schedule screen

Click the 'Edit Schedule' button to open the Edit Schedule screen for the selected event.

3.3 Edit the schedule details and save your changes

You can edit the following for a scheduled recording:

  • EVENT TITLE: Give the recording a meaningful name so it can easily be found by students and other users
  • PRESENTER'S NAME: Add/remove presenters
  • SCHEDULED RECORDING DETAILS: Change the recording duration within the room booking window using the slider
  • ADDITIONAL CAPTURE INFO: Change the capture information to reflect what will be captured during the lecture and if

          live streaming should be enabled.

  • AUTO AVAILABLE: Edit this option to make the recording immediately available to students. The recording will otherwise

          need to be made available in the Lecturecast ALP.

When you have made your changes, click the 'Save' button.




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