UCL Computer Science

Prof Madeline Carr

Prof Madeline Carr

Professor of Global Politics and Cyber Security

Dept of Computer Science

Faculty of Engineering Science

Joined UCL
3rd Oct 2017

Research summary

Professor Carr's research is at the forefront of combining International Relations (IR) theory and Science and Technology Studies (STS) in the context of cyber security and Internet governance. She specifically focuses on power and international security. The rationale for this focus is the recognition that some fundamental institutions of IR like sovereignty, war, diplomacy and international law are coming under stress in the context of rapid technological change. Understanding the extent to which these institutions are changing and adapting in response to developments like the Internet, cyber security, lethal autonomous weapons, and artificial intelligence is essential to understanding global politics in the 21st century. At the same time, in an effort to make sense of this same complexity, there are tools and concepts within the tradition of IR that can be extremely helpful though these have yet to be applied in any systematic or comprehensive manner. Recent work looks at cyber norms, the problem of attribution in international order, public/private partnerships in national cyber security strategies, and multi-stakeholder Internet governance.

Teaching summary


Professor Carr is the Director of the UK-wide Research Institute in Sociotechnical Cyber Security (RISCS) which looks at the human and organizational factors of cybersecurity. She is also the Director of the Digital Technologies Policy Lab which supports policy making to adapt to the pace of change in society’s integration of digital technologies. Her research focuses on the implications of emerging technology for national and global security, international order and global governance. Professor Carr has published on cyber norms, multi-stakeholder Internet governance, the future of the insurance sector in the IoT, cybersecurity and international law, and the public/private partnership in national cyber security strategies. Her book US Power and the Internet in International Relations is published by Palgrave MacMillan. Professor Carr was the Co-lead on the Standards, Governance and Policy stream of the UK’s £24M PETRAS research hub on the cyber security of the Internet of Things. She is now the lead on the Economics and Law lens of the new PETRAS National Centre of Excellence in Cybersecurity of the IoT. Professor Carr is a member of the World Economic Forum Global Council on the IoT. She is also the Deputy Director of a new Centre for Doctoral Training in Cybersecurity at UCL which focuses on the interdisciplinary nature of these problems.