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UCL Computer Science Undergraduate Student Awards 2021

30 July 2021

In July, we held an online event celebrating the achievements of some of our undergraduate student cohorts.

Screenshot of student awards event

Congratulations to all our students on their achievements over the last year or so!

In July, we held an online event to celebrate students who had achieved execeptional results in their undergraduate programme.

This has been a very difficult year for all; students and staff, and we have seen how hard everyone has been working. We believe our students have made their families and friends proud and the dedication has shone through this dark period.

We especially want to celebrate the following students who have won Outstanding Project prizes, sponsored very kindly by IBM UK.

All of the following students have been awarded departmental certificates from the Head of Department, Prof Steve Hailes.

Outstanding Project Awards 2021

COMP0138 –  MEng Mathematical Computation and MEng Computer Science Finalist Projects

Seunghoi Kim

GAGCN: Generative Adversarial Graph Convolutional Network for 3D Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation

Supervised by Prof Daniel Alexander


Oliver Vecchini

Solving Differential Equations over Images with Per-Pixel Filter Pyramids                     

Supervised by Dr Tobias Ritschel


Sam Gao          

Computing Variance and Standard Deviation of Frequency Distributions in the Data Plane       

Supervised by Dr Stefano Vissicchio


Hiru Ranasinghe          

Markov Meets Elo: Using Markov Chains and The Elo Rating System to Make Tennis Match Outcome Predictions Using Point Level Analysis                                          

Supervised by Prof Thore Graepel


Samuel Bouilloud        

Modeling Urban Deprivation via Natural Language Processing: an Airbnb Case Study               

Supervised by Prof Licia Capra

Ahmed Elsharkawi       

AraFinBERT:- A Pioneering Model for Arabic Financial Text Sentiment Analysis

Supervised by Prof Philip Treleaven

COMP0029 –  BSc Computer Science Finalist Projects

Eduardo Battistini Parra

WebMGA: a web-based visualisation tool for coarse-grained molecular models

Supervised by Dr Guido Germano


Patrick Wu      

High-performance network anomaly detection and threat mitigation via hardware-accelerated DNS spoofing and traffic filtering                                          

Supervised by Prof Stephen Hailes


Jessica Lilly Neubauer  

A Musical Mirror: Development of a Musical Sonification Tool for Managing Chronic Pain During Daily Tasks                                                                                                

Supervised by Dr Nicolas Gold

YouTube Widget Placeholderhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FXkXrCnbcPk


COMP0016 Systems Engineering 2nd Year Team Projects

NHS SMS It: Chatbots for Everyone using SMS networks           

Zvezdin Besarabov

Thowhid Ahmed

Michael Khot



UCL CS Resourcium: Help and Insights for remote students, in collaboration with Microsoft

Pritika Shah

Louis De Wardt

Hemil Snehalkumar Shah



IBM-UCL Virtual lecturing environments with Unity and OBS

Misha Mikhail Kozlov

Adnan Benachar

Sinead Villanova Tattan



NHS Wales Repository of Compliance for Welsh Government's Health and Care Standards framework

Shubham Jain

Mateusz Zielinski

Matthew Schulz



IBM FISE v2.0 - FISE Lounge for users in social isolation during Covid-19

Adam Piwowarczyk

Daniel Javadinejad

Radu Echim


IBM FISE v2.0 - Ask Bob - Federated Speech Models Architecture for privacy safe devices during Covid-19

Jeremy Lo Ying Ping

Ak Ihoeghinlan



Congratulations and good luck to the next generation of Computer Scientists!