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Dr Tristan Caulfield Awarded Research Fellowship Programme for National Resilience with GCHQ

10 December 2020

Profile photo Dr Tristan Caulfield

Congratulations to Dr Tristan Caulfield, of UCL Computer Science department's Information Security Group, on being awarded a fellowship from GCHQ on their Research Fellowship Programme for National Resilience.  This programme supports research in national security priorities by bringing together leaders from academia, industry, and government, with expertise from GCHQ. 

Watch a short video clip featuring Dr Caulfield

Dr Caulfield's research will be about measuring and understanding online influence campaigns:

"I'm delighted to be awarded this fellowship, during which I'll be looking at ways to measure the impact that malicious influence campaigns have on online communities. I am excited for this opportunity to do some important and timely research. Gaining a better understanding of how online communities behave, change over time, and react to influence attempts will help us think about how to protect these systems, which play an increasingly important role in society." 

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