UCL Computer Science


A heartfelt thanks to Jill Saunders

20 December 2017

Jill Saunders

At the end of this term, academic and professional staff in UCL Computer Science must bid farewell to long-standing Departmental Administration Manager, Jill Saunders. While Jill will not be moving far, taking up a role elsewhere in the Engineering Faculty, she will be greatly missed by all who have had the pleasure to work with her.

Jill joined CS in August 1996 as the (then) Departmental Administrator, and she has been a guiding force through an inconceivable amount of change, growth, challenges and successes.

Please join us in expressing a heartfelt thanks to Jill for her outstanding work over the years, and in wishing her the very best in her new role.

"Jill's hard work and commitment to the Department have been at the heart of enabling our growth and success, especially through her ability to manage the financial plan and permissions to appoint that have often been complex and requiring detailed requests." - Professor John Shawe-Taylor 

"Thank you Jill for the unstinting support you gave me (long ago!) when I was Departmental Tutor. So many problems solved!" - Dr Graham Knight

"Jill has been a shining light in Computer Science since I started here some 10 years ago. The Department has flourished under her, and I'm sure she'll continue to spread efficiency and joy wherever she goes."

"On walking passed Jill’s office I would always pop my head in to say hello to see if I could get her to look up from the latest spreadsheet she was pouring over. She’d look up with that quizzical slightly raised eyebrow as if to say ‘what now?’ The pleasure was seeing her smile and stop working for a few seconds once she realised I was not after anything!" - Professor Yvonne Rogers

"I'll always remember Jill for her energy and enthusiasm, particularly the one year she turned up to a CS Christmas Party in a medieval ball gown! No-one knows who told her it was a costume party...but maybe we should have a medieval night in her honour!"