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UCL Colloquium 11 May 2016 - Prof Martin Frees FRS

For more details on this event and registration please click here. Places allocated on a first come, first serve basis. 

UPDATE: 2016/17 Applicant Information

Applications are now open for 2016/17 admission to the MRes Modelling Biological Complexity. Funded places are available (fees and annual tax-free, London weighted stipend) and applications from self-funding applicants are welcomed. Further details are available here.

Postgraduate Open Day 2015

Come along to the UCL Postgraduate Open Day for Engineering and Mathematics & Physical Sciences for an opportunity to talk to staff and students of CoMPLEX, a tour of the facilities and further information about UCL. For more information and to register to attend please visit the open day home page here


PhD student paper on the Origin of Life

CoMPLEX PhD Student Victor Sojo has published a new article entitled "On the Biogenic Origins of Homochirality" in the journal Origins of Life and Evolution of Biospheres. The paper can be accessed here


Professor John O'Keefe wins Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine

CoMPLEX supervisor, John O'Keefe has been awarded the 2014 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for the discovery of cells that constitute a positioning system in the brain - an 'inner GPS' - that enables us to orient ourselves. 

10 October 2014

John O'Keefe Nobel Prize Winner


A range of events take place at CoMPLEX, some open to the wider UCL audience, some designed specifically for the students - all aim to explore and engender discussion around a wide breadth of research. 

UCL Postgraduate Open Day 2015

Come along to the UCL Postgraduate Open Day for Engineering and Mathematics & Physical Sciences for an opportunity to talk to staff and students of CoMPLEX, a tour of the facilities and further information about UCL. For further information and to register to attend please visit here

Seminar Series

CoMPLEX Seminar Series

We periodically host invited seminars by upcoming and established researchers visiting us at UCL. Everyone is welcome to attend. The first seminar of 2015/16 will take place in February 2016. More details to follow shortly. 

Past Talks: 

Prof Mikko Juusola - How to sample a reliable neural estimate of the variable world?

The world is variable and dynamic. Its matter/energy is clustered into changing structures and events encompassing macro- and micro-scales. The central problem facing all animals is how to best sample a reliable estimate of the world, when the estimation itself is limited by variations in their neural machineries and by uncertainty of their surroundings. New results suggest that rather than working against variability, evolution works with it, giving rise to reliable and robust information sampling and representation in the nervous tissue. Photoreceptors sample visual information stochastically and weight it against fluctuating responses of their neighbours. Such anti-aliased sampling improves neural estimates of intensity changes in image pixels. Visual interneurones further adaptively sample and integrate synaptic information of photoreceptors to improve their estimates of the structure of the world. I will present new evidence for the hypothesis that variability in animals’ sensory systems is less noise and more a part of a solution to sample reliable estimates of the variable world.

Mikko Juusola seminar series

Dr Nick Jones - Mitochondrial Variability

We typically consider evolution as occurring between successive generations; in this talk I will discuss evidence for genetic selection occurring during an individual's lifetime and in an organ-specific fashion. This selection is on mitochondrial DNA species: I will connect this bioenergetic  variability to other work investigating fluctuations in single-cell fate and to so-called three-parent babies.

Nick Jones Mitochondrial Variability

Annual Conference

The CoMPLEX Conference 2015, Science and Politics took place on 12th May.

Previous themes include:

  • Inter-Disciplinary Inter-Doctoral Training Centre (id2) student-led conference
  • Evolutionary Ecology
  • Networks: From Genes to Cities
  • The Limits of Perception: Challenges for Biological Imaging
  • Evolution and Development

Details of the CoMPLEX Annual Conference 2015/16 will be released soon.


Club CoMPLEX is a bimonthly departmental get together, with the aim to encourage inter-year relations and general Science discussion. Past events have included science-themed quizzes, debates, postdoctoral careers advice, a hackathon and student talks, all in an informal and friendly environment.

Vision @ UCL

Vision@UCL aims to bring together the diverse groups working on vision at UCL. It is generously sponsored by CoMPLEX, UCL's Centre for Mathematics, Physics and Engineering in the Life Sciences and Experimental Biology. Please email Lewis Griffin,, to join the mailing list.

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