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Undergraduate Admissions FAQs

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I don't have an A Level (or equivalent) in Greek or Latin -- can I still apply for BA Classics?

Without an A Level (or equivalent) in Greek or Latin you cannot apply for the BA Classics.  The BA Ancient World does not require any Greek or Latin and offers the opportunity to start either or both of the languages over the course of the degree.  The courses are not identical, but most of the module options are open to both Classics and Ancient World students.

What are the differences between the Classics and Ancient World degrees?

The BA Classics has a strong focus on Greek AND Latin language.  Every year you will need to take a minimum of half of your courses in Greek and Latin (which you will need to pass).  You also have core courses in Interpreting Greek and Latin Literature in your first year and Classics and Literary Theory in your second year

The BA Ancient World is a more interdisciplinary degree, straddling the departments of Greek and Latin (language and literature), History, and Archaeology.  In your first year you will have to take 1 unit (out of 4 in total) in either Greek or Latin language,  at least 1 course in History and at least 1 course in Archaeology.  In your second year you must continue for at least half a unit on your chosen language and in your third year you must complete an extended essay (half a unit) on a subject relevant to your studies (of your choosing).  Other than that, you may choose modules from any of the departments depending on where you find your interests lie.

Can I take courses outside of the Ancient World as part of my degree?

You may, up to a certain point.  You may take up to 1 unit (out of 4 in total) in your first year and 1 unit over your second and third years combined. 

I am not sure about taking my course with a year abroad or not -- can I switch?

There is a certain amount of flexibility to opt in or out of the study abroad degree, although your decision must be made by the end of your first year as we make arrangements with host institutions after this time.  There are limits to the number of places we can offer at each host university, so it is best not to leave your decision to move into the year abroad too late.

Can I take a subject in combination with another?

You can take Greek or Latin as a main language in combination with some degrees (see the Joint Degree list). Neither BA Classics nor BA Ancient World are available in combination with other degrees.

How do transfers work?

a) Within UCL
Once we have made all of our offers (by the end of March) we cannot accept any transfers (there is the possibility of a transfer at the start of term, but this depends on student numbers). Before this, we may consider a transfer from one programme to another provided you meet the degree pre-requisites.  Requests for transfer should be made to Dr Mac Góráin.
b) With other institutions
Transfers can only be made to start your second year and MUST be for an equivalent degree.  Your A Level and GCSE grades must meet our pre-requisites.  If you meet these requirements, you need to first apply through UCAS, indicating second year entry, and then if the admissions tutor is willing to further consider the application youneed to pay a £100 fee and complete the APL form. If you meet all the many requirements for APL and the tutor wishes to offer a place it then needs to be sent to the Dean of Students (Academic) for approval.

  • The Application Process

When will I hear if I have been accepted or not?

You will hear from us by the end of March.  Because of the January UCAS deadline, late March is the earliest we can make offers.

I've missed the UCAS deadline -- can I still apply?

The UCAS deadline (typically mid-way through January) is our final deadline for all programmes.  If you miss this, your only option is to wait and apply the following year.

Do you hold interviews?

We only hold interviews with applicants under exceptional circumstances.

I can't make one of the UCL open days: how else can I visit UCL?

Unfortunately we don't have the resources to offer individual tours to students but if you are keen to visit and cannot make one of the central open days you can take the UCL Self-Guided Tour and then visit the Department of Greek and Latin at Gordon House. The Admissions Secretary is based in room G01 on the ground floor and will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the degrees the Department offers. 

I haven't met the conditions of my offer: what will happen?

We will consider students who are near-misses, but the final decision rests with the Arts and Humanities Faculty, and places are not often given to those who do not get the right grades. By the time you have received your results, a decision will have been made on your application and that will not be reversible unless you gain the right grade by having the relevant papers remarked and the new grade received by the faculty by the end of August that year.
UCL will not accept any students with a C grade at A Level, and UCL does not participate in clearing.

I have question not listed here -- what do I do?

Please email the Classics Office