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Teaching Latin for Beginners

A special class in the Wellcome Library

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Antony Makrinos with the help of PhD students Emily Lord-Kambitsch and Bridget England presented a special class for Latin for Beginners in the Wellcome Library. This class was part of innovative practice in teaching Latin for Beginners to a group of 27 undergraduate students for the course Latin for Beginners B (LATN1003). The aims of the class were to teach Latin texts for Beginners and their translation through the study of manuscripts and early editions from the Wellcome Trust collections. Additionally, the tutor also aimed to explore the benefits of such an experience for the students in an educational environment outside the classroom.

The class will be presented at the conference "Heroes and Monsters: extra-ordinary tales of learning and teaching in the arts and humanities", organised by the Higher Education Academy (Manchester, 2-4 June 2014). A shared talk will be delivered by the tutor, Antony Makrinos and one of the Teaching Assistants, Emily Lord-Kambitsch with the title: "Sing me Winged Muse: teaching Latin and the 'monstrous' wonders of the Aeneid" (http://www.heacademy.ac.uk/arts-humanities-conf-2014). The talk will introduce innovative pedagogies and methodologies for the teaching of ancient languages through early editions and manuscripts and it will invite dialogue between the delegates about this teaching practice.

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Student Feedback
- "It was incredibly useful and satisfying to apply knowledge about Latin to actual historical texts. It brought Latin to life in a way that no textbook or Powerpoint could…"
- "Very helpful - it gave context to what we have learned."
- "The images increase the level of emotional engagement by making the themes explored more vivid."
- "I appreciated the PP as one could see texts very closely and in great clarity. It was amazing seeing the manuscripts in real life..."
- "It was very useful as I was now able to put our learning into practice!"

Many thanks to:
- Dr Elma Brenner (Specialist, Medieval and Early Modern Medicine Wellcome Library) for working so hard in order to book the rooms for us and for useful guidance with the editions.
- Emily Lord-Kambitsch and Bridget England for their enthusiasm, their patience and their professionalism in helping with the teaching of this class.