Department of Greek & Latin



Who can help me?
Your administrator and first port of call is the MA, Finance and Events Administrator (Wendy Leung acting).

  • Administrators are based in Room G05, ground floor, Gordon House, which is where the staff pigeon-holes are also located. The Departmental Office is open from 10am - 1pm and from 2 - 4pm Mondays to Fridays. When administrators are working remotely they can be contact by MA Teams, phone (which is routed through Teams), or email.
What are my MA programme structure and progression rules?

Please consult our Degree Structures pages for the Scheme of Awards Moodle page and read the programme rules for your own degree very carefully.

This will also inform you about progression rules (moving from one year to the next of your degree programme), compulsory modules, and the rules on calculating award classifications.

Which modules can I take?

The Postgraduate page lists all available Greek and Latin modules.

MA Classics page

MA Reception of the Classical World page

I am taking modules at another institution. What do I enter in Portico?

Please use placeholder module codes of the equivalent credits (seen on Portico) and contact your MA Administrator.

What will my timetable be?

Please consult the UCL on-line timetable. The custom timetable is very useful in seeing clearly the terms and class times for particular modules. If you use your personal timetable function, this updates overnight so you won't be able to see your personal timetable on the same day you submit your module selection.

Do note that modules you take at KCL, RHUL or the ICS will not be listed in your UCL timetable.

Where do I find out more detailed information on what I need to study for my modules?

Moodle is the e-learning environment used by UCL for lecturers to make information and lecture resources available to students. All modules have their own Moodle pages. This is also where you will submit coursework via Turnitin. Once your modules are confirmed on Portico, you will be automatically enrolled on the Moodle pages for those modules. If for some reason you are not enrolled on the Moodle pages for any of your confirmed modules, you will need to self-register as a student, using your UCL email address, on the relevant Moodle webpage. You will not be able to submit coursework via Turnitin if you do not do this. Please consult the Student Moodle guide. If you have any problems with Moodle, please email the MA Administrator.

Does the Department offer additional classes?

Yes, we offer a range of one-off study skills sessions and encourage students to attend. We will email you to notify you about dates, times and content of sessions.

What about Careers?

The Department encourages students to take advantage of advice from the UCL Careers Service and opportunities for work experience and internship. Dr Antony Makrinos is the Department's Careers Liaison Officer. The Department has a Careers dedicated Moodle page and holds a range of one-off Careers sessions in terms 1 and 2, including a Careers Forum in November, which involves Departmental alumni talking about their careers. 

What facilities does the department have?

Common Room
The Department of Greek and Latin has an Undergraduate and a Postgraduate Common Room. The Postgraduate Common Room is Room G02 on the ground floor of Gordon House. This is where your pigeon-holes are located - please check them regularly for correspondence. There are computers you can use at the back of the room. Please inform the MA Administrator if any of the computers (or indeed anything else) is not working.

Print/Copy Facilities in Gordon House
Printing facilities are offered in the UG Common Room in Gordon House. There is also printing available in the UCL Library and in UCL cluster rooms, of which there are many. The next closest printer to the UG Common Room is in the Institute of Archaeology next door (31-34 Gordon Square).
As UCL uses a particular printing system (print@UCL) you can print from any computer on-campus and collect your print from any print@UCL-enabled machine.

Drinking Water in Gordon House

Unfortunately the kitchen is too small to allow postgraduate students to use it. However, there are many cafes and eating places at UCL and in the UCL Union.

Students are, of course, welcome to use the Bili tap in the kitchen in order to obtain drinking water. There is a sign on the cupboard above the tap to remind you which of the tap side is hot and which side is cold.

Can I attend Greek and Latin events?

You are encouraged to attend as many lectures and events as possible, not only in the Department but throughout UCL. Please see the Department's list of lectures and public events.