Department of Greek & Latin


Postgraduate Research

Current PhD students and research topics

  • Mateen Arghandepour: Religion and politics in Achaemenid-Greek relations
  • Alice Bolland: The modern reception of Tom Stoppard's Arcadia
  • Sofia Bongiovanni: The outrageous violence of Seneca’s letters and tragedies.
  • Vasileios Boutsis: Iphigeneia in Aulis
  • Amanda Bristow: Roman power in Hollywood film
  • Theophano Charalambous: studies in the language of Menander
  • Raffaella Colombo: Liminary poems in Latin presentation manuscripts 1550-1650.
  • Chiara D’Agostino: Literary (Homeric) and documentary texts from Oxyrhynchus (related to educational practice)
  • Joseph Dodd: Pietro Gaetano’s Oratio de origine et dignitate musices
  • Manuela Irarrazabal Elliott: Anger and Cognition in Aeschylus' Oresteia
  • Biagio Gatto: The Syntax of Priscian in the cultural context of fifth-century Constantinople
  • Alexandros Gkosevits: Tragic Thinking: Tragedy and the concept of the tragic in post-Kantian German philosophy
  • Ioannis Kalofotis: Pythagoreanism and early Greek Philosophy
  • Henry Linscott: The oral origins of Greek Law
  • Patricia Lobanow Rostovsky: Cicero and the Scottish enlightenment.
  • Annette Mitchell: Freud's ancient chronology
  • Giada Orlietti: an edition of selected literary and documentary papyri
  • Melissa Pires Da Silva: the significance of family in the Homeric and Virgilian epics and their modern literary reception
  • Tomaž Potočnik: The development of modalisation paths in Latin.
  • Belinda É. Samari the Presocratics and early Greek conceptions of the self
  • Ben Temblett: Deleuze and Platonism
  • Annemarie Schunke: The reception of Roman antiquity in Anglophone Carribbean literature of the 21st century
  • Katie Shields: Early Greek and Hittite legal language (co-supervision with SOAS)
  • Simon Smets: The influence of classical letter collections on fifteenth century letter collections.
  • Sharon Van Dijk: The Eclogues of Giles Fletcher the elder from the 1560s to the 1650s.
  • Amélie von Kuhlberg: Dionysus and regeneration in ancient literature
  • James Watson: Euripides' narrative technique
  • Jill Woodberry: Reception of Horace in England 1630-70 (in English and Neo-Latin).
  • Yiming Zhong: Food, divinity and mortality in early Greek literature