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This project has ended. Our colleagues continue to work on the subject outside of the project.  Please see our research page for current information about our research activities and areas.

Tsarouchis Four Seasons 1969

The aim of this Princeton-based international network is to explore the importance of studying the aftermath of Greco-Roman cultures both for Classical Studies and the Humanities more broadly. At the core of our project is an investigation of the relationship between reception studies and  "postclassicisms". What we mean by this is an understanding of the field of Classics as it has expanded beyond the canon (into the periods between us and antiquity-reception studies "proper"-but also into other disciplines, such as science, and other geographical areas of the ancient world). We will also interrogate the status of "Classics" or "the classical" as a site of value, both in the past and in the present. The network brings together scholars working in the field of Classical reception at the following institutions: Princeton, University of California at Irvine, Cambridge, Oxford, Reading, Pisa and Sydney.  Members of the Postclassicisms network at UCL include Professor Miriam Leonard and Professor Phiroze Vasunia.

Further details can be found on the Postclassicisms Network website


  • July 2015: Seminar (Cortona) + Graduate Workshop on 'Human and Posthuman' (UCL)
  • January 2015: Response and Responsibility (Princeton)
  • July 2014: 'Materialities' + Graduate Workshop on 'Classical Disciplines' (Oxford)
  • January 2014:  'Postclassicisms in the 1920s' (Princeton)
  • June 2013: 'Untimeliness' + Graduate Workshop on 'Postclassicisms' (Cambridge)
  • January 2013: 'What is Classical Knowing?' (Princeton)
  • July 2012: Inaugural Workshop (UCL)