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The Tissue of the World


Sympathy and the Nature of Nature in Greco-Roman Antiquity

A round-table discussion with Professor Brooke Holmes (Princeton University)

29 May 2018

The concept of sympathy flourished in pre-modern natural philosophy, medicine, and natural history as a means of explaining relations between natures-plants, animals, stars, stones. 

The round-table discussion will centre on the draft manuscript of Brooke Holmes' forthcoming work on sympathy in the ancient Greek and Roman worlds.  The respondents are Liba Taub (Cambridge) and Ahuvia Kahane (Royal Holloway).  The symposium is sponsored by the Department of Greek and Latin at UCL (with the help of funds provided by the A. G. Leventis Trust).

The event is now at capacity, and we regret that we cannot accept any further participants.  For further information, please contact Professor Phiroze Vasunia at p.vasunia@ucl.ac.uk.

Image: The head of the cult statue of Artemis is believed to be the work of Praxiteles.  It was placed in her sanctuary on the Acropolis (ca. 330 BCE).  Image courtesy of the Acropolis Museum, http://www.theacropolismuseum.gr/.