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Ancient World: all modules

Undergraduate modules available to students taking Classics and Ancient World degrees are listed below. Text and thematic modules are rotated and not available every year.

The Ancient World at UCL: modules

A wide range of courses is taught in collaboration by the Department of Greek and Latin, the Department of History, the Institute of Archaeology, the Department of Philosophy and the Department of Hebrew and Jewish Studies.

  • Classics modules in translation: first year
CLAS0001 Greek Myth: Its Use And Meaning 15
CLAS0004 Approaches to the Ancient World15
CLAS0005Interpreting Greek Literature15
CLAS0006Interpreting Latin Literature15
CLAS0009Introduction to the Study of Language15
CLAS0146  Emotions in the Ancient World                                                      15
LITC0004The Literature of Travel [not running 22-23]15
  • Classics modules in translation: second and final years
CLAS0011 Greek Tragedy15
CLAS0136Greek Comedy [not running 22-23: alternates with Greek Tragedy]15
CLAS0014Roman Epic15
CLAS0017Roman Authors: Roman Love Poetry [not running 22-23]15
CLAS0019Subverting the Canon [not running 22-23]15
CLAS0020 Classics and Literary Theory15
CLAS0032Epic and Empire [not running 22-23]15
CLAS0036Stoics, Epicureans and Sceptics15
CLAS0045  Xenophon: Politics, Identity and Text [not running 22-23]15
CLAS0046Roman Satire and its reception [not running 22-23]15
CLAS0138Greek Authors: Homer15
CLAS00147Classical Poetry and its Reception in English Literature15
CLAS0160 Race: Antiquity and its Legacy15
CLAS0162Archaic Greece, 800-479: A Cultural History [not running 22-23]30
CLAS0163Augustan Culture30
CLAS0164Greeks and Jews: Antiquity and the Modern World15
CLAS0043Essay on an Approved Subject (Final year students only)15
  • Philosophy modules in translation
 First year 
PHIL0001Introduction to Ancient Greek Philosophy15
 Second & third year 
CLAS0036Stoics, Epicureans and Sceptics15
PHIL0030Topics in Aristotle15
PHIL0044Aristotle's Moral Psychology15
PHIL0017 Topics in Greek Philosophy: Plato                                                    15
See other Philosophy modules in the Philosophy department 
  • Modules in Ancient Greek
GREK0002 Greek for Beginners A15
GREK0039 Greek for Beginners B15
GREK0005 Intermediate Greek A15
GREK0040 Intermediate Greek B15
GREK0008 Advanced Greek A and B30
GREK0009Advanced Greek A15
GREK0010Greek Translation15
GREK0012   Essay on an Approved Subject (Greek) (Final year students only)15
GREK0035Homer: Iliad [not running 22-23]15
GREK0036Homer: Odyssey [not running 22-23]15
GREK0037Ancient Greek prose [not running 22-23]15
GREK0051 Aeschylus15
GREK0052Euripides [not running 22-23]15
GREK0059  Sophocles [not running 22-23]15
GREK0057 Longus, Daphnis and Chloe15
GREK0062Plato [not running 22-23]15
GREK0022 Greek Papyrology15
GREK00065Introduction to the History of Greek15
GREK0001The Greek Dialects [not running 22-23]30
GREK0019Mycenaean Greek [not running 22-23]30
  • Modules in Latin
LATN0034Latin for Beginners A15
LATN0003  Latin for Beginners B15
LATN0004Intermediate Latin A15
LATN0035 Intermediate Latin B15
LATN0005 Advanced Latin A and B30
LATN0006 Advanced Latin A15
LATN0008 Latin Translation15
LATN0009 Latin Prose Composition15
LATN0001Roman Drama [not running 22-23]15
LATN0002Virgil [not running 22-23]15
LATN0010Late and Medieval Latin15
LATN0011 Latin Palaeography15
LATN0012 Essay on an Approved Subject (Latin) (Final year students only)15
LATN0019Latin Poetry and its Translations [not running 22-23]15
LATN0021Cicero [not running 22-23]15
LATN0033The Roman Historians [not running 22-23]15
LATN0037Ovid [not running 22-23]15
LATN0043 Horace15
LATN0044Lucretius [not running 22-23]15
LATN0045 Seneca15
LATN0046Petronius [not running 22-23]15
LATN0051Latin Poetry of Late Antiquity [not running 22-23]15
LATN0032History of the Latin Language [not running 22-23]15
LATN0052 Street Latin and The Romance Languages 15
  • Modules in Ancient Middle-Eastern Languages
AMEL0001Introductory Hittite [not running 22-23]                                    30
AMEL0005Hittite Texts30
HEBR0083Introductory Akkadian30
HEBR0108Intermediate Akkadian [not running 22-23]  30
HEBR0095Introductory Sumerian30
HEBR0048Ugaritic 30
AMEL0003 Introductory Sanskrit30
HEBR0002Introduction to Biblical Hebrew30
HEBR0018Intermediate Biblical Hebrew 30
HEBR0110Jewish Literary Aramaic15
ARCL0044 Introduction to Ancient Egyptian15
ARCL0080Old and Middle Egyptian Texts15
  • Modules in Ancient and Mediaeval History
 First year  
HIST0009The Romans and Their Past15
HIST0010Sources for Greek History 15
HIST0152The Roman empire from Augustus to Theodosius I30
HIST0154The Hellenistic World from Alexander to the end of the Attalid kingdom30
HIST0164Bronze Age States in the Ancient Middle East30
 Second & third year 
HIST0015 Roman Democracy: Myth or Reality?30
HIST0019An Economic History of Ancient Greece30
HIST0021Understanding the Early Mesopotamian World30
HIST0023Asia, the Aegean, Europe: Dividing the World in Ancient Greece30
HIST0031Rome AD 300-1000. Portraits of a City30
HIST0148The Mediterranean World c.800-c.500 BC30
HIST0221Slavery in the Classical World15
HIST0228Ancient Greek Religion of the Archaic and Classical Period15
HIST0650Babylon from Hammurabi to Alexander30
HIST0660Ancient Middle Eastern Religion15
HIST0829Roman Religion: Belief, Culture and Politics15
See other History modules in the History department 
  • Modules in the History of Science
 Second & third year 
HPSC0067Science in the Ancient World                                                       15
HPSC0110 Medicine, History and Society15
See other History of Science modules in STS 
  • Modules in ancient Art History and Archaeology
ARCL0001Introduction to Roman Archaeology15
ARCL0005Introduction to Greek Archaeology15
ARCL0007Introduction to Egyptian and Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology15
ARCL0009 Texts in Archaeology15
ARCL0015Roman Coinage15
ARCL0017Greek Art and Architecture15
ARCL0018Roman Art and Architecture15
ARCL0028The Prehistoric Mediterranean15
ARCL0033Archaeology of the Near East from prehistory to 2000 BC15
ARCL0064Topics in the archaeology of the Later Roman Empire15
ARCL0065The Archaeology of the Levant15
ARCL0066The Emergence of Bronze Age Aegean States15
ARCL0067Understanding Complex Societies: Egypt and Mesopotamia15
ARCL0068The Late Bronze Age Aegean in the Mediterranean15
ARCL0069Painting and Society in Archaic and Classical Greece15
ARCL0070The Archaeology of Etruscan Italy15
ARCL0075Economy and Trade in the Mediterranean Iron Age15
ARCL0202Language and Script in the Archaeology of Egypt and Sudan15
See other Archaeology modules in the Institute of Archaeology 


  • Students may also take appropriate modules at King's College London with the permission of their programme director.
  • A 30-credit module is considered equivalent to 15 credits in the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS); 15 credits is 7.5 ECTS.