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iBSc Paediatrics & Child Health


This iBSc programme provides an academic approach to Paediatrics and Child Health, with clinical attachments on the wards at Great Ormond Street Hospital, Whittington Health and in other hospitals and the community. 

Lectures and seminars during Term 1 will take place at the Whittington Hospital. Term 2 lectures and seminars take place at UCL Institute of Child Health and the Wolfson Centre.

We offer individual mentoring and work shadowing sessions with paediatricians working at UCL Hospitals. 

The programme consists of 4 course units, including the 1.5 unit individual research project which may be based in either a laboratory or clinical setting. We support supervisors to best support the students in their projects. We share modules with iBSc in Global Health (Maternal and Child Health module) and Primary Care (Critical Appraisal module).


Would you like to learn about children and the people who look after them? In this one-year full time programme we offer you the opportunity to study both; 

  • Child Health - meeting the needs of children in the family and the community.
  • Paediatrics - evidence-based intervention and management of complex disorders. 

You will achieve this through interacting with practitioners in diverse settings that are usually different from those you will encounter during your clinical training.

This iBSc programme will widen your knowledge base and also expand your skills in research and clinical work. We hope that this will inform your practice as a doctor in the future.

This is the first intercalated BSc dedicated to Paediatrics and Child Health in the UK run by the respected Dr Pratheeban Nambyiah and Prof Caroline Fertleman.

Prof Caroline Fertleman

Video - Prof Caroline Fertleman, Consultant Paediatrician, The Whittington Hospital

Dr Pratheeban Nambyiah

Module list


Health Services for Children0.5
The Child and Community0.5
Critical Appraisal of Primary Care and
Paediatric Practice
Global and Maternal Child Health0.5
Tertiary Care and Complex Childhood
Independent Research Project in Child
Health Research Methods0.5



The programme is open to students who have completed two years of the medical school programme at UCL. Previous clinical experience is not required.

There will be 24 places for the 2023-24 academic year and in previous years we have been heavily oversubscribed.

Application forms can be obtained from the Integrated Degree Office. Please also see the general information on the Medical School Year 3 web page.

Applications are first processed centrally and then passed on to the programme directors for Child Health. Your personal statement for the application form should be a maximum of 1 page of A4 text, single-spaced in point 12 Times New Roman.

After the iBSc

After the Paediatrics iBSc students go on to complete their MBBS clinical training at UCL. Although we hope that some of them will choose to become Paediatricians, the course is specifically designed to teach important generic skills that will be very valuable whatever branch of medicine they choose to pursue.