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To Infinity and Beyond!

Last week, GOSH patients were joined by former NASA astronaut Nicole Stott and Tim Peake (via skype) for an exciting art project that is travelling the world

Nicole Stott and Tim Peake
Former NASA Astronaut Nicole Stott, and artists Ian Cion and Maria Lanas from the charity Space for Art Foundation (USA), visited GOSH to bring three art projects to raise awareness of childhood cancer.
The aim of the foundation is to provide well-being activities that help children heal and feel connected to space through art.

The group brought their Exploration Art Spacesuit, and Earthrise – Spaceship Earth projects to the hospital, where children in Lion Ward had the chance to take part in arts-based activities, such as painting a canvas that will be quilted into the Dreamer spacesuit and creating their own interpretation of Earthrise images.
This project was in partnership with the charity Unity Movement based in Russia and Alyona Kuzmenko (Founder and President of the charity) will arrange for the newly-designed Dreamer canvas to travel to space!  

The visit was sponsored by Professor Faraneh Vargha-Khadem, head of the Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuropsychiatry Section at UCL GOS Institute of Child Health and the Neuropsychology Department at GOSH, to help promote the wellbeing of children with cancer, and support research on children’s mental health through the arts.

Tim Peake via skype