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Sakiru Badmos

Lecturer (Teaching)

Sakiru Badmos


I am a Nigerian with interest in Chemical and Process Engineering. After my bachelor’s in chemical engineering in Nigeria, I was awarded a Presidential Scholarship for Innovation and Development (PRESSID) to study both Master’s and PhD in one of the top 25 universities in the world. This marked the beginning of my journey at UCL. After my Master’s in Chemical Process Engineering at UCL, I joined Professor Alberto Striolo’s research group on my Doctoral program where I investigated the structural and dynamic properties of fluid confined within narrow pores. In particular, I investigated complex molecular level interactions between fluids including water, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide and hydrocarbons as well as their interactions with the confining surfaces. During my PhD as a postgraduate teaching assistant, I developed interest in Process design and simulation which led me to my current role at UCL.

Teaching Summary 

My current role at UCL is in two folds – as part of the design team delivering the third-year design project and as the lecturer teaching the gPROMS and GAMS components of modules across the degree programme. On the design project, I supervise teams of 6 – 5 students on a weekly basis providing both technical and project management support during the group and individual stages of the design project. I also contribute technical expertise in computational modelling, reactor design and safety integrity level (SIL) analysis aspects of the design project. Across the degree programme, I deliver gPROMS and GAMS tutorials, developed and manage the departmental computational tools Moodle page and respond to GAMS and gPROMS related queries from students.



Best Presentation Award - 20th International Conference on Chemical and Molecular Engineering, Dubai UAE.


Best Poster Award - Chemical Engineering 2nd Year Poster Competition, UCL


Presidential Scholarship for Innovation and Development - Presitigious Scholarship Award from the Federal Government of Nigeria.



PhD Chemical Engineering, Molecular thermodynamics, University College London, United Kingdom


BEng Chemical Engineering, University of Benin, Nigeria


MSc Chemical Process Engineering, University College London, United Kingdom

Professional Affiliations  

  • FHEA – member of HEA
  • AMIChemE


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  • S.B. Badmos, T. Bui, A. Striolo, D.R. Cole, Factors Governing the Enhancement of Hydrocarbon Recovery via H2S and/or CO2 Injection: Insights from a Molecular Dynamics Study in Dry Nanopores J. Phys. Chem. C, 123 (2019), pp. 23907-23918
  • S.B. Badmos, N. Islam, U. Shah, A. Striolo, D.R. Cole Competitive adsorption and reduced mobility: N-octane, CO2 and H2S in alumina and graphite pores Mol. Phys., 118 (2020)
  • Pollock M, Nayak-Luke R, Odunsi A, Badmos S Teaching, assessing and operational sustainability in UCL's chemical engineering capstone design project International Symposium of Engineering Education (ISEE) 2022 01 Sep 2022.