UCL Department of Chemical Engineering


Tom Heenan awarded a Faraday Institution Entrepreneurial Fellowship

24 April 2020

Image of Thomas Heenan

Tom Heenan (PI) has been awarded a £100k Faraday Institution Entrepreneurial Fellowship for his project on ‘Enabling The Fast-Charging Of Automotive Batteries’. This fellowship will support his time and the purchase of essential equipment and consumables that will be required in order to realise this timely commercialisation opportunity. The novelty of this project originates in his patented charging-enhancement technology, the IP protection of which was supported by UCLB plc. and UCL Innovation and Enterprise. Along with co-inventors Chun Tan, Paul Shearing and Dan Brett, this technology has been in development for several years and having already demonstrated charging time reductions of over 60 % for commercial cells, this project will now propel the technology into real-world battery applications from cordless power tools to electric vehicles.

For more information, please visit the Faraday Institution website.