Challenging Risk


Research Objectives

Challenging RISK aims to produce new knowledge on the performance of existing reinforced concrete (RC) structures subjected to earthquake and fire hazards (both individually and in sequence), with the aim of developing an integrated framework for performance-based assessment and structural mitigation. We will engage with communities, through use of citizen science techniques, to define "acceptable" performances, inform the technical programme of work and the means for effective implementation of mitigation strategies for multiple risks. In detail it aims to provide:

  • A performance-based assessment framework for multiple hazards that considers societal acceptability
  • Technical guidance on strengthening existing structures with FRP for earthquakes and fires
  • A set of unique experimental results that can inform future modelling efforts
  • Fragility and damage models for quantifying fire and earthquake risk, adequate for the re-insurance sector
  • New citizen science tools for community engagement and monitoring of earthquake, fire and multi-hazard risks
  • Guidelines for integration of community engagement in the development of engineering research and codes
  • Guidelines for effective monitoring and mitigation for integrating engineering and societal aspects of multi-hazards risks
  • A reproducible example of an empirically-informed successful mitigation intervention