UCL CORE Dr Kim Donoghue

Senior Research Fellow in Centre for Outcomes Research and Effectiveness.

My research interests include treatments for problem alcohol use and the impact of drug and alcohol use on cognitive function. Working on a large epidemiological study of first-episode psychosis, my PhD focused on the impact of drug misuse on cognitive function overtime.  I managed a double-blind randomised controlled trial that investigated the role of cortisol in memory and depression in alcohol dependence. I am co-applicant and managed the NIHR funded Alcohol Dependence and Adherence to Medicine (ADAM) trial. This research looked at how we can better support people to take medications for alcohol relapse prevention. I received funding from Alcohol Change UK to analyse a large dataset of routinely collected data to determine the rates and predictors of prescribing of medications for alcohol relapse prevention. I have expertise in systematic reviews and meta-analyses, completing reviews in a diverse range of topics in mental health including; alcohol screening and brief intervention, medications for alcohol relapse prevention, drug misuse and the impact on cognitive function in psychosis, pharmacotherapy for multiple sclerosis, risk assessment guidelines for eating disorders and the impact of COVID-19 on mental health.

Research Profile

Dr Kim Donoghue's UCL IRIS Research Profile