Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Legal Resources: Overview

In the Legal Resources pages of this website, the reader will find links to key pieces of legislation, as well as summaries of the relevant provisions and their applicability to CCS technologies.

The website considers the legislation that may be applicable to carbon capture and storage projects situated onshore or offshore. In the UK, offshore CCS has been the traditional focus of both industry and the Government; however, in many other parts of the world, onshore storage has been considered the most viable option for undertaking CCS projects. The legal impacts of the climate change and emission trading regimes and environmental liabilities are also considered, for they are viewed by many as posing significant implications for the development, regulation and financing of CCS projects.

The first eight tabs, Offshore CO2 Storage, Onshore CO2 Storage, CO2 Transport for Storage, International Climate Change Legislation & CDM, Emission Trading, Financing, Liability and Property Rights offer information on these key legal issues. Each section will contain explanations of the purpose and objectives of the various international, European and national laws analysed and provide possible interpretations of how they may affect carbon capture and storage projects. The section Dedicated CCS Legislation (current & proposed) provides links to legislation and proposed legislation which deals directly with CCS activities.