The Carbon Capture Legal Programme has assisted and collaborated with the International Energy Agency on a number of CCS-related projects, most notably in association with the IEA, the IEA GHG Implementing Agreement, and the Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum, to create the International CCS Regulatory Network. The Network aims to provide policy makers with opportunities to interact with peers in an objective, neutral forum. The Network currently has over 700 members worldwide, with its participants representing some 35 countries (including 14 developing nations).

To date there have been three formal meetings of the Network and a number of web seminars, which have addressed specific legal and regulatory aspects of CCS deployment. Details of the web seminars can be found below.

Further information about the IEA's work on CCS and the International CCS Regulatory Network may be found here.

For further details on this collaborative work, please contact Richard Macrory.


The CCLP has worked closely with the IEA on its CCS publications. CCLP members have served as expert reviewers and provided content for the following publications:

In 2010, the CCLP was core to the development and drafting of the Model Framework and has contributed to the biannual CCS Legal and Regulatory Review.

Webinars and Events

A complete and up-to-date list of these events, including full details, presentation slides and sound recordings, is provided below: