UCL Institute of Cardiovascular Science


Congenital Heart Disease Fundamentals

This module provides students with contemporary views and in-depth information on morphology, imaging, intervention & surgery for specific lesions seen in patients with congenital heart disease with a focus on anatomy.

Module Code: CARD0003

UCL Credits: 15

Module Organiser: Dr Andrew Cook

Learning objectives

  • To have an overview of congenital heart disease
  • To understand the basis of treatment/potential future therapeutic approaches for congenital heart disease
  • To conduct independent research of the literature
  • To critically assess selected topics relating to congenital heart disease
  • To give clear, structured presentations, both written and oral of their literature research findings.


Tuesday mornings, 11.00 to 13.00 for 10 weeks

Teaching and learning methods

This module will use a variety of components for delivery but will be centered on object-based learning and case review using anatomic specimens as well as traditional lecture-based delivery with discussion. Students will have the opportunity to review module components through access to an existing library of videos/recordings.


Unseen practical observation of specimens/cases

(2.5 hours)


Practical case report

(750 words)