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MyoFit 46 completes it's first 100 clinic visits

4 March 2022

MyoFit 46, a cardiovascular sub-study of the National Survey of Health and Development, completes it's first 100 clinic visits.

MRI Machine

Population ageing is a global challenge and in partnership with the British Heart Foundation, we are studying ways to maintain heart health for longer.

MyoFit46 seeks to recruit a total of 550 study members over the course of the next couple of years. This will be the world’s first study combining 'state of the art' cardiac MRI information with high-resolution ECG imaging to gain unprecedented insights into heart muscle function and scar, inflammation, blood flow and electrical abnormalities.

In spite of the COVID-19 challenges of the past year, we are delighted to have successfully seen in clinic the first 100 NSHD study members into the MyoFit46 study. Participants travel to central London for a 2 hour visit during which we perform study measurements. Feedback from the participants has been very positive and we have already received multiple awards after presenting these preliminary data to the scientific community. MyoFit46 has been awarded the UCL Medical Engineering Congress top prize for innovative science and shortlisted as prestigious ‘Investigators of the Year’ at both the British and international Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance.

A huge thank you to all the NSHD study members who have joined our study to date and to those who are planning to enrol. Thank you for your generous feedback, time, enthusiasm and commitment to the MyoFit46 study. As the world’s longest-running continuously followed research cohort, the NSHD is unquestionably the pride and glory of UCL, of British academia and of global epidemiology. We and the BHF look forward to enriching the NSHD with the additional discoveries that will emerge from MyoFit46 – these discoveries will take us one step closer to understanding the life-course recipe for cardiovascular longevity.

The MyoFit 46 team.