UCL Institute of Cardiovascular Science


ICS MSc student published in Diabetic Medicine

21 February 2019

Congratulations to ICS MSc student Sheryl Beh for her publication in Diabetic Medicine

Sheryl Beh

Sheryl has just completed her MSc in Cardiovascular Science at UCL. The review article describes the current concept of metabolically healthy obesity within the literature, its clinical implications and limitations. Metabolically healthy obesity refers to a subset of obese individuals with a favourable metabolic phenotype and are hence thought to possess lower cardiovascular risks compared to their metabolically unhealthy obese counterparts. Stratifying obese individuals based on their metabolic profile has important implications for the efficient allocation of resources in the treatment of obesity. Nonetheless, its clinical relevance is presently questioned by conflicting evidence in the literature and the lack of a unified definition of metabolically healthy obesity.

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