UCL Institute of Cardiovascular Science


Professor Lucie Clapp wins the AstraZeneca Prize for Women in Pharmacology.

17 July 2017


We are proud to announce that Professor Lucie Clapp has been awarded a highly prestigious prize for her contribution to Pharmacology. AstraZeneca has generously provided the British Pharmacology Society (BPS) with this prize in recognition of women whose career achievements have contributed significantly to our understanding of a particular field through excellence in research. Lucie was nominated by Margaret MacLean, Professor of Pulmonary Pharmacology, University of Glasgow who is a fellow member of the BPS. 

Lucie is Professor of Vascular Physiology at the UCL Institute of Cardiovascular Science. A pharmacologist and biophysicist by training, her research expertise lies in the functional properties of potassium channels and prostaglandins in the cardiovascular system and their role in bacterial infection and blood vessel remodelling. For the past 20 years, through knowledge-transfer partnerships and consultancies, she has conducted research alongside several Pharma companies developing novel therapeutic strategies for treating sepsis, life-threatening hyperkalemia and pulmonary hypertension.

Upon receiving this award, Lucie says, “I am extremely honoured to receive the British Pharmacological Society Astra Zeneca Prize for Women in Pharmacology. It is vital that we continue to encourage female scientists into one of the most important scientific disciplines that underpin research in drug discovery. I feel privileged to have engaged with academics and pharmaceutical companies in furthering our understanding of how drugs can be developed into new therapeutics for societal benefit” 

The prize will officially be awarded in December 2017 during the Society’s flagship annual meeting, where Lucie will give a keynote lecture.