UCL Institute of Cardiovascular Science


ICS - New iBSc started September 2016

8 August 2016


The course is designed to build upon existing knowledge of cardiovascular physiology and pharmacology and give a sound, but contemporary view, of the scientific basis of cardiovascular disease and how this relates to clinical diagnosis and patient treatment. Specifically, the course will enable students to: 

  • gain a holistic view of the heart and circulation through an understanding of the physiological, pharmacological and pathophysiological mechanisms underpinning cardiovascular function in health and disease
  • develop an understanding of the etiology, diagnosis and clinical management of common cardiovascular diseases through case-based, team work and class discussions
  • appreciate current controversies and as well as the limitations of knowledge in the field of cardiovascular sciences
  • critically appraise basic science and clinical research papers with respect to experimental design, analytical methods and conclusions in a variety of cardiovascular related topics
  • have a foundation in scientific methodology and be able to use appropriate standard statistical techniques for analysing data as well as interpreting data
  • become an independent learner by leading on their own research project in an area of specialist interest.
  • demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills

For more information about the programme please contact Prof. Lucie Clapp who is the Programme Director.